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Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)

Cooperation agreement was signed on February 26, 2018 in India. Web-site.

The organizational foundations of the Confederation of Indian Industry (TRC) were laid in December 1895 with the formation of the Association of Traders in engineering and metallurgical products. In modern quality, the Confederation has been functioning since 1992. The KIP unites the largest industrial companies in the country, it has about 5,000 members registered, there is an extensive network of branches in various regions of India and a number of foreign missions.

Organizationally, the association consists of branch committees, specialized councils and committees for cooperation with foreign countries. The leadership of the Confederation is entrusted to the president, vice-president (re-elected annually) and the apparatus of the general director.

The TRC is an influential organization that has an impact on the formation of India's legislative, industrial, financial and export-import policies. The main goal of the Confederation is to develop and strengthen the economy of India as a whole. Instrumentation facilitates the modernization of individual industries, has a significant impact on the industrial policy conducted by the Government of India and the regulation of imports of machinery, equipment and advanced technologies.