Panchenkov Mikhail

Panchenkov Mikhail

Business Ambassador to Uzbekistan


  • Embassy of the Russian Federation in Uzbekistan
  • Trade representation of the Russian Federation in Uzbekistan
  • Support group for the Russian Export Center in Uzbekistan
  • Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Russian Federation
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Divisions of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in key regions of the Republic
  • Industry unions and associations in Uzbekistan
  • Institutes of support and development of the economy and industry of Uzbekistan

Sectoral priorities

  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Food industry
  • Agriculture
  • Household chemicals
  • Raw materials
  • Building materials
  • Fertilizers
  • Safety
  • Small and renewable energy
  • Wholesale trade

Resources and services

I am the initiator and creator of the Russian trade and distribution center «Ruz trader» ( It is an industrial park of 11 hectares in a convenient location, 15 minutes from the center and 10 minutes from the airport; owned by three railway lines, the presence of the republican highway; more than 40 thousand m2 of warehouses; a customs storage warehouse; a container platform with the possibility of processing sea containers; full staffing of technical facilities and personnel; office and exhibition space, etc. The main goal of the project is to help Russian companies enter the Uzbek market safely and transparently.

Basic services:

  • Analysis of the volume of imports and domestic production
  • Evaluation of competitors: local and foreign manufacturers
  • Barriers and restrictions: tariffs and quotas, non-tariff restrictions on the import, requirements for licensing and certification of products in the country, to the composition and ingredients, to labeling, packaging, to the protection of intellectual property
  • Preparing a database of potential buyers
  • Determination of interest in cooperation with the exporter
  • Selection of companies that have interest in cooperation
  • Checking the reliability of the counterparty
  • Development of a draft agreement of intent/export contract
  • Translation services
  • Logistics support
  • Warehouse bailment
  • Customs clearance warehouse
  • Purchase of products from the manufacturer
  • Organization of distribution, sales of products (sales department)
  • Creating a turnkey company
  • Assistance in organizing the localization of production

Core activity

18-20.10.18 Panchenkov Mikhail took part at the head of the delegation of Buisness Russia in the first Interregional forum Russia-Uzbekistan with the participation of heads of state.

11.06.19 Appointed Export Trade Adviser to the Russian Export Center.

30.01.19 Appointed assistant to a member of the Federation Council F. Mukhametshin for work in the Federation Council on a voluntary basis.

25-26.04.19 Participation in EXPO- RUSSIA UZBEKISTAN 2019 at the head of the delegation of Buisness Russia.

7-8.06.19 Business Ambassador of Delovaya Rossiya to the Republic of Uzbekistan Mikhail Panchenkov took part in the investment forum in Namangan.

30.08.19 By the invitation of the Ambassador of Uzbekistan, he participated in a reception at the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Moscow on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of the state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

19.10.19 Panchenkov took part in the forum in Andijan, Republic of Uzbekistan.

2-3.12.19 Panchenkov organized and conducted business missions of export-oriented companies in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.

06.12.19 He took part in negotiations with the Association of Exporters of Uzbekistan at the invitation of the Uzbek side.

13.12.19 Conducting a reverse business mission of entrepreneurs of Uzbekistan to Russia.

22.07.20 Panchenkov, took part in the meeting of the Expert Council on the reform of trade representations in the Federation Council.

28.07.20 He held a webinar «The potential of trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan: new opportunities».

14.11.20 The Russian trade and Distribution Center «Ruz trader» started its work in Tashkent.

05.02.21 The second webinar of Business Russia in the business cooperation with Uzbekistan.

15-20.02.21 Panchenkov initiated and conducted a business mission of Russian enterprises to Uzbekistan.

Supplementary information

Took an active part in entering the Uzbekistan market companies: «Tomlin»; «Nicole pack»; «Sibeko»; «Delight» and others



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