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 Business Russia international set of services:

● road map for the development of foreign economic interests;
● Institute of business ambassadors;
● partner network of foreign business associations;
● card APEC;
● assistance in obtaining entry permits for foreign partners;
● participation in business missions and exhibitions with the possibility of subsidizing through the Russian export center;
● information and consulting and analytical support;
● development of decisions in the field of foreign trade on the site of the Public business Council and the export Committee;
● b2b-cooperation and discussion of projects within the Export-import Club;
● access to the system of financial and non-financial instruments and foreign trade support institutions;
● opportunity to offer a topic or to participate in monthly thematic seminars, business breakfasts, round tables, expert meetings;
● educational seminars and training in the field of foreign trade;
● integration into the Eurasian agenda;
● international project financing opportunities;
● organization of business missions and meetings with foreign delegations;
● integration into the work of intergovernmental commissions, councils, working groups on foreign trade;
● participation in the work of permanent bilateral business platforms;
● positioning on large foreign economic platforms: BRICS, APEC, B20, BSEC, SCO, CICA, etc.;
● thematic and specialized chats for traders;
● weekly international digests.